Tax Returns & Preparation

Tax prep for LLC's, S-Corps, Partnerships, Non-Profits and more.

What we help business owners achieve:

Never overpay in taxes

Reduce their overall tax burden throughout their life

Save time and never waste effort doing their own accounting

Business Tax Returns & Preparation Sacramento California

Here at Dynamais Tax & Accounting, we help businesses not only get their taxes filed on time and done right, but we focus heavily on helping them work to reduce their taxes as much as possible.

We exclusively work with small businesses and non-profits, which allows us much more capacity to provide in-depth analysis and more attention to our customers.  

We provide more in-depth services to a smaller group of businesses and organizations, rather than help with hundreds or thousands of tax return clients.

Tax Preparation Services Sacramento California

Dynamais provides small business tax preparation services as well as non profit tax preparation.  We can do tax returns for LLC’s, S-Corps, Partnerships, C-Corps and most types of non-profits.  We love helping Sacramento small businesses, entrepreneurs and investors with their tax returns, but we also serve many customers throughout California and the United States.

We Help You Lower Taxes

Another major theme you’ll hear from Dynamais Tax Preparation Service, is a commitment to helping businesses do everything possible to reduce their business taxes, including their social security, medicare, along with California state and federal income taxes.

We care deeply that each of our tax return customers gets in-depth, wise counsel concerning the current year tax returns and the subsequent years tax return.

To Lower Taxes You Need Tax Reduction Planning

We work with customers throughout the year as their outsourced accountants, where we help lower their taxes with tax reduction planning, while tackling their bookkeeping each month, and then finally make their year end tax returns a breeze.  

If you’re a small business in Sacramento California, and you’re searching for a business tax return company or tax preparation business in Sacramento California, then please consider reaching out to us for a no-cost consultation and we’ll help you move the needle toward productivity, efficiency, and overall simplified business operations.

Business Tax Returns & Tax Preparation Sacramento California

If you’re a small business that needs a tax return done in the United States or locally here in the Sacramento, California area, my name is Chris Thomas and I’d love to introduce us and hopefully earn your business.

We don’t just prepare business taxes, we analyze your business for growth and tax savings.

Too many business owners go about their year without somebody examining their income and helping them do everything possible to reduce their taxes, as well as prepare for the future growth they dream about.

When you get your taxes done by our team here at Dynamais, we don’t just quickly go through the motions, we try to add as much value as possible and encourage you to take the steps that will get you to the preferred future you want.

Tax returns for LLC and S-Corps

We are a Sacramento region-based tax preparation service for 1099 contractors, Schedule C business owners, LLC's, S-Corporations, C-Corporations, Nonprofits and Partnerships.

When was the last time you got an idea from an accountant on how to reduce taxes or scale your business?

Small business owners are often left in isolation and don’t have perspective to understand what a difference proactive tax planning and chief financial officer advice will do to help them grow.

Whether it’s managing your balance sheet to get in position for better bonding on your commercial construction company, or if it’s preparing to buy new trucks to equip your drivers with, there are a litany of things that small business owners can benefit from when they have a qualified, proactive, year-long relationship with a business accountant.

Rather than just get your taxes filed this year, get your business taxes done with our team and we will make sure that we provide some analysis to ensure you’re never over paying in taxes, and there aren’t low hanging opportunities to improve and grow your business.

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