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Bookkeeping & Accounting done for you, to perfection.

Prompt & Accurate Bookkeeping

Get pristine financials done by perfectionists & never waste time doing it yourself

We promptly reconcile books so you're always up to date

We help you understand your numbers & make great decisions

Bookkeeping Services Sacramento California

If you're a small business in California, Sacramento, or even in the United States, will be honored to earn your business as your bookkeeper of choice.

Bookkeeping integrated with tax planning and CFO services

We provide pro-active services throughout the year, but we focus on creating better results for your small business and non profit customers.  

We’ll help you make sure you never overpay in taxes, we’ll help you focus on your strengths and avoid wasting staff resources on doing your own bookkeeping, we’ll pay in the taxes throughout the year to avoid big problems and we’ll make your tax return process a breeze.

We Serve as Your Outsourced Accountant

Bookkeeping, tax planning, tax returns, payroll and year end tax preparation are all combined together in one monthly service so that you don’t have to waste time coordinating things between separate providers.

Bookkeeping is the foundation for Tax Reduction Planning.

One of the most important functions that bookkeeping provides is tax reduction planning. When we are able to provide the bookkeeping service for your small business, we become intimate with your business rhythm and it allows us to understand how to mitigate your taxes every year and over your entire lifetime.

Being engaged with the books every month allows us to spot opportunities to reduce taxes.

There's a huge difference between companies that get proactive tax reduction planning and those that do not.

Any company that wants to provide tax reduction planning should also be doing the bookkeeping throughout the year in order to swiftly implement new strategies as the company's financial position shifts.

Sacramento-based bookkeeping company

If you're looking for a bookkeeping company in Sacramento California, Dynamais would love to earn your business and help you save time, build pristine financials, mitigate taxes and make operating your business that much easier.

Bookkeeping Company in Sacramento California

We provide bookkeeping services to small businesses in Sacramento California, but we are also a California based accounting firm and we service small businesses across the entire United States.

We love helping local businesses here in Sacramento, and we’ve been serving small businesses as their bookkeeper for decades.  We would love to serve as your bookkeeping in Sacramento, Lemon Hill, Laguna, Arden-Arcade, Rosemount California, Rancho Cordova, Carmichael, Citrus Heights, Rio Linda, Clarksburg and more.

Dynamais is an accounting firm and bookkeeping company based out of Sacramento California, focused on providing bookkeeping services, tax reduction planning, payroll services & non-profit tax and accounting.

Bookkeeping Services for Small Business

We know that bookkeeping is profoundly important to a business and that most small businesses are inefficient at performing high levels of financial bookkeeping and reporting.

We’ll do the bookkeeping in much less time

When we do the bookkeeping, we are able to be incredibly efficient and it usually takes us about a quarter of the time that it would take the typical business owner to do their bookkeeping.

Stay focused on your core strengths

Our customers tell us how important it is that they have all of their energy focused on their core activity and core competency, rather than languishing in the monotony of bookkeeping and reconciliation.

You will be able to do more of the excellent activities that require your attention when you outsource your bookkeeping and accounting to us.

No Coordination Fatigue

What is coordination fatigue? It’s the energy sucking messing around you have to do at the end of the year between your bookkeeper, tax person, payroll system and your staff in order to complete your year end.

When you get your bookkeeping done by our team, we will also be doing tax reduction planning, your year end taxes, operational and management reports, and year end closeouts.

Because we are handling everything as a one stop shop, you won’t have to do all the messing around to get things connected at the end of the year; we will make your life easy!

Books done to the highest standard

The quality of your finances will improve dramatically, allowing you to run your business better, attract better financing and actually hit your goals.

Whether you’re trying to buy new equipment, fund a new project, save up for a new building, or attract any sort of investor or financing, pristine financials are non-negotiable.

When a banker looks at your books, nothing will look suspicious or confusing.

Get prompt and excellent bookkeeping services to keep your finances in pristine order.

We are passionate and fanatical about keeping pristine financials which makes most business owners just roll their eyes.

Excellent bookkeeping is the foundation for all financial operations within your business including tax reduction planning, investment decisions, business management decisions, and business growth.

Get your books done by us and your future self will thank you!

It might sound a little silly, but it’s hard for business owners to place themselves in the shoes of their future self to understand how important disciplined bookkeeping and financial reporting will be to achieving their goals and dreams.

If you want to progress and build a business that operates without you and has a continually improving profitability, you will need to make sure that you have absolutely sound financials.

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