Sacramento California

Accounting, Tax & Bookkeeping for Small Businesses

Get the professional accounting & tax help you need to scale your business, lower taxes & enjoy being a business owner.
Get a Fully Engaged, Pro-Active Tax Reduction Specialist

We provide pro-active, year-round guidance & services to help your business reduce taxes, establish perfect financials & save staff time.

We Will Deliver Game-Changing Results

When you choose Dynamais, you'll get a partner dedicated to advancing your best interests.

Reduce Your Taxes

We work throughout the year to identify and implement tax mitigation strategies to help you keep more of your money.

Save You Time & Establish Perfect Books

We are incredibly efficient compared to non-specialists, and we do things correctly.

Keep You Compliant & Reduce Risks

We'll work to eliminate mistakes, avoid IRS issues and keep your finances in order.
Passionate About People & Business

Focus on your strengths, we'll be your financial team.

My name is Chris Thomas, and I'm the owner of Dynamais here in Sacramento, California.

Business owners have enough to worry about. We exist to help you focus on your strengths and to reduce your taxes.

Connect with us for a complimentary consultation and we'll examine your taxes, books & financial position and then find out if there are opportunities to save you in taxes.

We'd be delighted to connect.

Small Business, 
Construction & Home Service Companies

Dramatically Reduce Your Taxes

We're always thrilled to work with businesses to help them keep more of their hard earned money.

Save You Time

We can accomplish in minutes, what takes an amateur or DIY person hours to complete.  You'll be able to focus on your strengths as we keep the books & accounting up to date.

Keep You Compliant

We do things correctly, which protects against time consuming and costly audits or having to amend returns or pay penalties and interest.

What happens when you settle for a reactive, transactional accountant?

  • Overpaid taxes & missed deductions
  • Shoddy books that lead to audits
  • You'll pay someone to fix your books
  • Taxes are questionable because of garbage in
  • You never understand your numbers
  • Miss out on opportunities because lenders disqualify your books
  • Lose wealth over time to taxes & waste
  • Be unable to manage & run your business

"Dynamais has been a Full-Service, Worry-Free Management Accounting Firm at XHope Missions for over 10 years! They help our Nonprofit increase productivity through automation & workflows.

Their Audit & Assurance has made it things simple. Thanks Dynamais!"

Ricky Cross of XHope Missions

The Financial Impact of Choosing Dynamais

We're on a mission to deliver value & better results, not just transactional services.
Taxes Saved
Most business owners that we work with are overpaying about $6,000 a year in business taxes before Dynamais helps them mitigate.
Time Saved
On average, our clients take back 8 hours a week because they don't need to keep the accounting & financials in check.
Labor Saved
Your team will save about $12,000 a year in time because we'll be saving you 8 hours a week at about $30/hour.
Lifelong Value of Taxes Saved:
$1.1 Million
The taxes we save you make a difference. If you invest $500/month (the $6,000 per year) in the market from age 30 to 65, earning 8% compounding interest, you'll have $1,146,940.

* for illustration purposes only

Who We Serve:

Small Businesses

We do taxes, accounting & bookkeeping for medical practices, dentists, contractors, construction and home services comapnies.

Independent Contractors

If you're a 1099 employee or sub contractor, we can help you stay organized, keep more of what you earn and build a super profitable operation.

Non Profits

Whether it's churches, schools, sports teams or community organizations, we can help your organization thrive.

Startups & Side Hustles

Getting started in business is confusing and difficult, we'll help make it really easy to setup, pay tax & manage your accounting.

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