Non Profit Tax & Accounting

Get professional, high caliber tax & accounting for a fraction of a staff person.

Non profits need high caliber accounting but usually can't afford it, we have a service to help you out.

Get high caliber bookkeeping and accounting for a fraction of the cost of a part time staff

Flawless 990EZ, 501c3 or other non profit help & year end support

We help non profits of all kinds, social, faith, school, homeowner associations and more

Accounting & Tax for Non-Profits Sacramento California

With our outsourced accounting service for nonprofits, we will handle all the accounting and year and compliance, so you can focus on what you do best.  

Sacramento 990 Non Profit Tax Form Preparation Services

Nonprofit tax and accounting Sacramento, California.

Here at Dynamais Tax and Accounting, we love helping nonprofits of all types, 501 C3's, religious-based nonprofits, schools and charities, and everything in between.

990 tax preparation Sacramento, California

One major role that we play in nonprofit operations is that we will help you with your year-end reporting, and your 990 preparation. Every nonprofit will have to file their year-end tax documents properly, and we make that a breeze. We've been helping Sacramento and California-based nonprofits file their year end 990 for decades now, and not only are we good at helping you file your 990s, but we can help you establish sound operations to ensure that you thrive.

Sacramento California 990 Filing Services

Dynamais provides 990 non profit tax document preparation, along with accounting, bookkeeping and even audit services.  We’ll make running your nonprofit much easier because we can help with compliance, ensure that your bookkeeping is done to perfection, and we understand how difficult it can be for small nonprofit teams to comply with all the California and IRS ordinances around running a nonprofit.

Establish a simple system for nonprofit financials

One of the things that we really like to do is help small nonprofits establish tax and accounting systems that make their operations easier, and help them avoid the problems that can be catastrophic to their operations or even to their funding.

Don't risk losing funding

We've become experts in helping nonprofits comply with the various requirements around their state funding, particularly California nonprofit compliance. If you were a California nonprofit, and you want to make sure that you remain compliant, file your 990s properly, and continue to operate smoothly, we are passionate about serving as your guide and providing an excellent value as a tax and accounting firm for nonprofits.

Accountants for nonprofits Sacramento California

Dynamais is an Accounting and Tax firm for nonprofits in Sacramento California, and we provide year-end 990 filing services, we will help with your nonprofit bookkeeping, nonprofit compliance, and provide overarching nonprofit accounting services so that your staff can focus on what it does best rather than getting stuck in the monotony of financial administration and accounting.

Outsourced accounting for nonprofits California

We provide an outsourced accounting service for nonprofits because they often have the needs of a much larger organization when it comes to their tax and accounting, but they need to focus their budget on momentum building staff rather than compliance. Our tax and accounting services for nonprofits mean that for a flat monthly fee, you can get the benefits of a full-time nonprofit accountant, at a fraction of the price.

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