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We make choosing and running payroll easy.

Whether you're a small or medium sized business, we can help you get the right payroll solution.

Payroll Made Easy

Get help with reporting, onboarding and compliance

Never waste time setting up or maintaining payroll again

Payroll Services Sacramento California

We make choosing, setting up, and running payroll efficient, easy, and fully integrated into your overall accounting and financial administration system.

Dynamais Payroll services means that your team can stay out of payroll time wasting, and keep focused on what you do best.

Payroll Services Sacramento California

Dynamais provides payroll services to small and medium sized businesses in the United States, but we especially love helping the the local Sacramento California non-profit and small business communities.

We’ll be Your Payroll Guide

Payroll is confusing, and there are so many providers that it get’s hard to understand what’s the best payroll for your Sacramento Small Business.  We’ll come alongside and make things clear, and guide you to the right payroll solution.

Choose the Right Payroll and Setup

We are able to help your organization choose and setup the best payroll for whatever accounting software, or payroll frequency you’d like.  Whether you’re looking for a good small business payroll software, or if you’re a solopreneuer looking for a simple payroll for your S-Corp, we can help you ensure things are setup just right and then we can also process your payroll for you.

Sacramento California Payroll Company

Your payroll can be made easy, and you don’t need to become an expert in payroll. Here at Dynamais, we are payroll experts that have setup & administered hundreds of companies. You don’t need to waste time when choosing a payroll, we can serve as your guide and help you choose the perfect payroll software for your business.

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