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Don't get stuck, we'll help you get your business started quickly and avoid costly mistakes.

Starting a business is hard enough, we'll guide you through the process.

Don't get stuck or waste time, we've done this countless times

Avoid costly mistakes & get clarity on accounting, tax & payroll

Choose the right entity for your business & discover the best ways to lower taxes

Business start up services Sacramento California

We help small businesses get started correctly so that they can focus on generating revenue, scaling properly, and helping their customers rather than trying to become experts in every facet of entrepreneurship.

Don't get stuck, we will be your guides

One major problem  new businesses have, particularly in California where the red tape is more prominent than other states, is that they will remain stuck trying to figure out everything they need to do in order to get their business off the ground. Here at Dynamais, we've set up hundreds of businesses over the decades, and we will make getting started a breeze so that you don't get stuck and waste time.

When you're beginning of business, nothing is more important than focusing on the right behaviors to generate growth, and a few things can hinder those activities more than getting stuck outside of your strengths trying to establish systems and learning everything necessary to keep compliant.

LLC versus S Corp. in California

One of the major topics we will guide you around is what type of business entity is best for your size and type of business, and then will make setting up that business much easier than if you had to learn how to do it yourself.

It can get confusing understanding what the tax difference is between a Sole Proprietorship and an S-Corp, and business owners often make mistakes that lead to over paid taxes or wasted time when it comes to comparing the various business types and tax structures.

Setting up a new LLC in Sacramento California

The other thing we will do is make setting up a new LLC, S Corporation, Partnership or even a C Corp. much easier by guiding you through step-by-step and shortening the learning curve.

Whether you are a construction business, a nonprofit, or even a technology company, we can make starting your business and beginning your business entity and operations much easier.

Avoid accounting and tax problems when starting up

Another major factor of our start up guidance is making sure that you understand the fundamentals of accounting, tax and what is necessary to avoid problems and never overpay in taxes.

It's incredibly difficult for new businesses to gain an understanding in every single facet of their business, so we will be your experts in the most important factors that can cause problems down the road; taxes, accounting, bookkeeping and payroll.

Of all the things you do in business, tax, accounting, bookkeeping, and payroll have small margins for error, and the government will hold your feet to the fire when you make mistakes. Dynamais Tax and Accounting will help you start your business, avoid mistakes and speed up the process of getting your operation off the ground.

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